Thrifting Finds: Vintage Glass and Chevron

March 21, 2017 in Style / Thrifting

Writing this post feels like waking up after a long nap that I hadn’t planned on taking. I’ve been existing in that vague space people think of when they say they’ve been “around,” but not necessarily going out and painting the town.

I’ve got a lot of great content queued up in the next few weeks, including a few hikes in Kauai and some new outfit posts. Stay tuned, and satisfy yourself until then with this little peek at my latest thrifting finds.

We recently fulfilled my dream of getting a midcentury bar cart after going to four consignment shops (god bless my husband Daniel for being an amazingly good sport during Bar Cart Quest 2017) and finally finding one for seventy bucks on Craigslist. Bar carts are trendy as hell right now and the really cool looking ones are going for $300+ easy in the Seattle area, so ours was a definite deal.

After unloading our countertop booze collection onto the bar cart, my attention turned to finding appropriate glasses. I rarely find matching sets, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t find a pitcher that perfectly matched the gold-rimmed wine glasses I bought a few months ago.


In hindsight, I don’t know why I staged this photo on a sheet. Maybe because I was subconsciously wishing I was in bed with a glass of wine? Who knows. Bear with me, folks.

The little blue sticker right on the lip “Hand Made West Virginia Glass, Weston W. VA,” which led me down a rabbit hole of the various companies in West Virginia creating glass housewares. I tracked down this particular sticker to the C WV Glass Company (1928-1987). I’d guess this piece probably dates to the 50s or 60s, but it’s hard to say for sure without tracking down a catalog or a similar-looking pitcher.

When I showed Daniel the next item I bought, he asked me right away if I planned on hanging them on the wall. Well…


… the thought definitely crossed my mind, because I have virtually no other use for vintage binoculars.

This pair of Daylite (yes, that’s the actual spelling) binoculars has seen some shit (pun intended) because they look like they’ve been through an actual war. After looking at a few other pairs online that are in much better condition, I’ve determined these are probably destined to become wall decoration.

They do work, though. My apologies to the people on the other side of the store I was creeping on for a few minutes. Nothing personal, y’all, just testing my binoculars.


This scarf was another random find. I dig the mix of chevron pattern squares and varying shades of blue and black; it seems to exude vibes of “I’m cool, but casual cool, like that barista you’ve always wanted to be best friends with.”

I found a very small tag tipping me off to the provenance of this scarf, a Seattle-based apparel company called KAVU. Based on their Instagram, they seem to mostly make clothing for people who like jumping out of planes and off cliffs. This scarf will be staying safely wrapped around my neck right here on the ground, thank you very much.


This knee-length shapely dress is for my job as the future Peggy Olsen of your agency. Just kidding, sexism isn’t cool, but 1950s-1960s lady office wear sure is.

The pattern is very similar to the Mackintosh winter coat I showed you guys a few months ago. What can I say, I have a type!

I swore I wouldn’t go back to the coat section because I’ve vowed that for every coat I bring into the house, one coat must leave.**


Soooo I bought a coat. Mostly because it reminded me a little bit of an orange/brown version of Cher’s signature outfit from the movie Clueless, and the belted waist made me look damn good.


Googling the tag led me down a second rabbit hole about union labels. ILGWU stands for “International Ladies Garment Workers Union,” which was formed in 1900 to represent the rights of women apparel workers in NYC. This style label appears to date the coat to between 1974-1995.

I’ll be wearing this coat to all future women’s marches so I can walk the walk AND rock the label that stands for female workers rights.

What’s are some of your latest, greatest thrifting finds? Tell us about it out in the comments!

** I kept that bargain and gave my old black H&M trench away to a neighbor today. Awww yeah, recycling!

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  • Reply Meg March 21, 2017 at 8:54 am

    I love that coat! You have the best coat collection! And you’re right, those binoculars do look just like mine. Start spying on the neighbors, it’s my favorite hobby…

    • Reply kathie March 23, 2017 at 9:50 am

      Hah, before long my coat collection is going to need it’s own closet! Daniel will be delighted 🙂

      I think the binoculars need a tune-up before I can start my spy career, the image is a little fuzzy. Not sure if it’s worth spending the $ on a binocular specialist or if they’re going to wind up as purely decorative.

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