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Thrifting Tips: What To Do When It Doesn’t Fit

March 28, 2017 in Style / Thrifting

When I was a much younger lady, I had a lot less discretion (heck, didn’t we all?) I thrifted with reckless abandon, buying anything that vaguely looked good on me and was “on trend.” Which, trust me, meant a lot of embarrassing styles and questionably fitting clothes. So I made a rule for myself: I wasn’t buying anything unless one, I could see myself wearing it at least once a week and two, it fit me perfectly.

But when I spotted this Adrianna Papell blue paisley dress, all the rules were OUT THE WINDOW. Needed it, wanted it, had to have it, even though it was two sizes too big. Rules: they were meant to be broken.

So what should you do when your thrifted find doesn’t fit? I’ve got three¬†tricks up my sleeves.

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Thrifting Finds: Vintage Glass and Chevron

March 21, 2017 in Style / Thrifting

Writing this post feels like waking up after a long nap that I hadn’t planned on taking. I’ve been existing in that vague space people think of when they say they’ve been “around,” but not necessarily going out and painting the town.

I’ve got a lot of great content queued up in the next few weeks, including a few hikes in Kauai and some new outfit posts. Stay tuned, and satisfy yourself until then with this little peek at my latest thrifting finds.

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