Vancouver’s Bloedel Conservatory

November 29, 2016 in PNW / Travel

Vancouver is another place that lingered on my weekend trip list for far too long. Unfortunately for us, it decided to pour rain during our entire trip, scrapping most of the amazing, mostly outdoor suggestions I’d received from friends. One place that didn’t show up on my initial list ended up being one of my favorite places: the Bloedel Conservatory.

Combine beautiful palm trees, humidity levels not seen outside of the tropics, and tons of tiny finches running around and you’ve got an experience that feels decidedly like the opposite of what you’d expect during a Canadian winter.


Gorgeous colors around every corner? Check.

I’m still learning how to manually focus my husband’s beautiful 50mm Zeiss lens and didn’t do a good enough job adjusting the shutter speed to accommodate these fast-moving finches. Actually, if not for this feeding trough, they would’ve been too fast for me to get a photo of at all.


Did I mention it’s only $5 to get inside? And you can stay as long as you like? And they give you not one but TWO self-guided tour brochures, one of which only talks about all the different kinds of birds?

Yes. We were in heaven.


The perfect plant for that person who won’t stop getting on your nerves.

(Actually, I kind of like it. Wonder if it could survive a Seattle winter…?)


Daniel attempted to talk to every parrot we encountered. This parrot didn’t want to talk back and looked vaguely pissed about being on display.

He did get one little parrot to say “Hello!” “Hi” and “Whatcha doin’?” That was the most we could tease out of the bird, so the conversation ended up going something like this:

Daniel: Hi!

Parrot: Hello.

Daniel: Hello!

Parrot: Whatcha doin’?

Daniel: Oh, not much, just talking to a parrot.

Parrot: Hello! Hi!

I figured if it knew hello, it probably knew goodbye. We said goodbye fifteen times or so with no success at getting the parrot to repeat it, until finally I told him we had to leave for real. On our last goodbye, when we were walking away, the parrot chirped “Goodbye!”

Birds, man. They’re smart.


Anyway. The Bloedel Conservatory. Full of plants and sassy parrots.


I couldn’t resist stopping in the rain to get one beautiful photo of the building’s exterior. I’m still a sucker for a beautiful geodesic dome.

Maybe I’m getting old and starting to take more pleasure from strolling through gardens or maybe this place is seriously underrated, but the Bloedel Conservatory is one Vancouver attraction you can’t miss.

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